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Uploaded BreadCrumbControl

Sep 13, 2007 at 1:11 PM
Hi Aelij and Bragi,
thanks for the quick response. I have uploaded the BreadCrumbControl, i have made sofar. Maybe you can look at it. I think bragi is right and a good custom template on the treeview good do the same or better/easier. If i go on with it, you hear from me. Kind regards, Toon
Sep 14, 2007 at 6:07 PM
Wonderfull to hear you are making progress. I have been doing some further thinking on the subject. And I have found a possible reason to move it into a seperate control: If you look at how it is used in the vista explorer, you can still get the text value by clicking on the richt. You can also assign a new directory location by pasting or typing something in. This type of behaviour can probably best be done through a dependency property 'Text' or something. The CoerceCallback (for getting the value) can go through the tree and get each node's SelectedValue/Item as a string to build the path (something recursive?). The ValueChanged callback can parse the string somehow and re assign the SelectedItem for each parsed item.
This control would be grate to work together with another class I had been thinking about for a while: I'm currently calling it 'DirectoryDataProvider', basically a custom DataProvider, similar to 'XmlDataProvider'. It needs a path to a directory, and provides a list of all the files/dirs found in that directory. I am still thinking of what exactly to return as data. A possible way to implement the hiearchical structure like of a file system, is to return DirectoryDataProvider objects to represent a directory, and something else for files.