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Bug Fixes and New Features

  • TaskDialog:
    • Keyboard (access key) support.
    • Default button support.
    • Copy content as text.
    • Added { Button, CommandLink, RadioButton } x { ContainerStyle, ContainerStyleSelector, Template, TemplateSelector } properties to easily modify the each of these items.
    • Routed commands (CopyContent and Cancel).
    • The private setter for the Buttons, CommandLinks and RadioButtons was removed, so now you can instantiate them in markup (e.g. <TaskDialog><TaskDialog.Buttons><Button Content="..."/>...)
    • TaskDialog window now displays correctly when dialog cancellation is allowed.
  • AnimationHelpers WidthPercentage and HeightPercentage initial state bug fixed.
  • Removed System.Windows.Forms dependency. NotifyIcon now uses HwndSource instead of NativeWindow.
  • NotifyIcon can now show the icon even when not inside a visual tree. To show the icon, set the Visibility to Hidden. Set Visibility is to Collapsed to hide the icon.
  • DoubleAnimationCalculator is now public.
  • The AvalonLibrary assembly is now localizable.

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