This project has moved and is read-only. For the latest updates, please go here.

Breaking Changes

  • UIHelpers: Hyperlink click handling (for browser launch) is not activated automatically. You will need to set IsAutomaticBrowserLaunchEnabled to true for it to work.
  • FormattedTextConverter no longer inherits from TypeConverter. A new class called FormattedTextTypeConverter replaces this functionality.
  • TaskDialog:
    • All classes under the ItemsControl folder (ButtonList, CommandLinkList and RadioButtonList) were removed and replaced with the TypedItemsControl and the TypedListBox classes.
    • The StandardButtons property is deprecated. Also, it is removed as a dependency property, and the PART_StandardButtonList part is gone. The TaskDialogButtons enum is still available for use with the static Show() methods. To add a standard button, use the TaskDialogButtonData constructor that accepts a TaskDialogButtons value and add it to the Buttons collection.
    • The default DataTemplate for a button now uses the Header property of the TaskDialogButtonData class (instead of the Content property). This ensures compatibility with CommandLinks and access keys.

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