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DockSplitter Control

This control is a splitter for the DockPanel. It works very similar to the GridSplitter for a Grid.
Put it between 2 controls on a DockPanel and assign it the same Dock value as that of the object in front of it.

<DockPanel Name="TheDock" Grid.Row="2" LastChildFill="True" >
         <TextBox DockPanel.Dock="Top"/>
         <av:DockSplitter DockPanel.Dock="Top"/>
         <TextBox DockPanel.Dock="Bottom"/>
         <av:DockSplitter DockPanel.Dock="Bottom"/>
         <TextBox DockPanel.Dock="Left" Width="93" />
         <av:DockSplitter DockPanel.Dock="Left"/>
         <TextBox DockPanel.Dock="Right" Width="162" />
         <av:DockSplitter DockPanel.Dock="Right"/>
         <TextBox Name="TxtLast"/>

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